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We produce marketing and educational videos for Physicians and Dentists nationwide.

Healthcare Video Production for Getting New Patients

Green Gorilla Video has produced Healthcare Video Productions for doctors and medical groups for over 15 years. We’ve produced thousands of healthcare video productions for hundreds of physicians and dentists over the years..

Healthcare video productions is the way to reach new patients! Period! Yes, you need a great website and a Social Media presence, but videos are the lifeblood of your message when reaching out to folks who need what you provide. Well-produced healthcare video productions, featuring you and your staff will “speak” to your audience like nothing else.

The key is getting help from someone who understands the medium and can work with you to craft a targeted appealing message that speaks to the problems patients experience.

After all, potential patients are seeking answers to specific problems you can solve. So it’s paramount you quickly grab their attention and keep it long enough to convince them you’re the healthcare provider they should call.

Healthcare video production is paramount for healthcare providers across various specialties, including plastic surgeons, dentists, orthopedic surgeons, and more.

In today’s digital age, video content has become a powerful medium to effectively communicate complex medical information, educate patients, and showcase expertise.

For doctors, healthcare video production enables them to convey health-related information in a clear and engaging manner, fostering better patient understanding and compliance with treatment plans.

Plastic surgeons and dentists can leverage healthcare video production to showcase before-and-after results, explain procedures, and build trust with potential patients.

Orthopedic surgeons can use healthcare video production to demonstrate surgical techniques, rehabilitation exercises, and patient testimonials, enhancing patient education and satisfaction.

Regardless of specialty, healthcare video production humanizes providers, establishes credibility, and strengthens patient-provider relationships, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes and practice growth in an increasingly competitive healthcare landscape.

Currently, we do doctor video production for physicians and dentists in the following cities:

Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Sacramento, San Bernardino, Riverside, Anaheim, Bakersfield, Chula Vista, Fontana, Fremont, Fresno, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Long Beach, Modesto, Moreno Valley, Oakland, Oxnard, Santa Ana, Santa Clarita, Stockton, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland and Ontario

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Watch Our Overview Video

1. “Welcome to the Practice” Videos

An overview of your practice, your group, or your hospital. Potential new patients get to meet you and learn how you can help solve their medical issues.

The main focus is the patient experience!

We talk a lot about that first visit and what they should expect when they come through your doors.

Common topics covered include:

1. What sets your practice apart?
2. What is your philosophy of patient care?
3. What specific services do you provide?

Sample “Welcome to the Practice” Video

2. “Patient Success Story” Videos

Nothing sells your practice like great patient testimonials, or “Success Stories”. When someone is looking for a healthcare provider to help them, watching another patient sing your praises and rave about how you fixed their problem will make all the difference!

It’s important to have a range of people covering various demographics when having testimonials made. That way when a person who’s checking you out sees a video featuring a person similar to them, they’ll assume that if you could help that person you can help them too!

There’s a subconscious connection that goes on where they transfer the past success of another patient onto their own future success. It’s a powerful tool that helps make the decision to call and set that initial appointment.

Patient testimonials also add credibility and a human touch to what might otherwise seem like an impersonal scary procedure.

Sample “Patient Success Story” Video

3. “Patient Education” Videos

When it comes to healthcare video production these are the most useful ones to patients looking for more information on the details of a specific procedure.

Whether it’s about dental implants, a shoulder replacement, or a Mommy Makeover, a video featuring you explaining the procedure will establish you as the expert in the patient’s mind and boost credibility.

We help enhance your explanation by adding visuals such as Before and After photos, anatomy diagrams, lists of benefits, and more.

These types of videos are helpful for people who are researching solutions to their particular problems. They also can help patients who need to get Preop and postop instructions from you in a format other than a list or verbally from a nurse. Oftentimes a Preop/Postop video will supplement a written list.

Sample “Patient Education” Video

4. “Meet the Doctor” Videos

Meet the Doctor” videos are designed to help you connect with potential new patients on a personal level.

These healthcare video productions focus on you as a healthcare provider and provide insight into your passion for what you do.

We delve into your medical background, uncovering what motivated you to enter this field and what drives you to help your patients.

It’s an opportunity for you to establish a connection with the community you serve by highlighting your local roots and the ways in which you give back.

Many healthcare providers generously volunteer their time, whether it’s plastic surgeons participating in medical missions to assist children with cleft lips or dentists offering free basic services to those in need.

All of this can be showcased in your Meet the Doctor video!

Sample “Meet the Doctor” Video

5. Other types of Healthcare Videos

We produce other types of healthcare videos based on the needs of the client. These can include:

1. “Office Tour” Videos – Showing off your office or facility

2. “Patient Journey” Videos – Following the patient from before a procedure to the day of the procedure and then following up to see the result. Highlights the patient’s experience from start to finish.

3. “Procedure” Videos – A video documenting a procedure in the operating room or procedure room, either in total or a highlight version. Shows key points along the way with physicians narrating as they do the procedure.

4. “New Medical Provider Introduction” Videos –  When you bring a new associate into the practice this is a way to introduce them and create a warm welcome.

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Types of Healthcare Providers Who Use Video Marketing to Attract New Patients

Most healthcare providers, healthcare groups or hospitals will benefit from doing Medical Video Production and Marketing. The ones that seek us out the most are those who depend on marketing to get new patients.

Let’s review the healthcare providers we typically help.

1. Dentists (Click to see video samples)
General Dentists, Cosmetic Dentists, Family Dentists, Pediatric Dentists, Oral Surgeons, Periodontists, Prosthodontists, and Orthodontists are all healthcare providers we regularly work with.

Introducing the practice, hearing from satisfied patients, and highlighting procedures like Dental Implants, Veneers, Braces, Smile Makeovers, and Wisdom Tooth Removal are among the most common videos we produce.

2. Plastic Surgeons (Click to see video samples)
Introducing the practice, hearing from satisfied patients, and highlighting procedures like Facelifts, Mommy Makeover, and Breast Augmentation are among the most common videos we produce.

3. Orthopedic Surgeons (Click to see video samples)
Introducing the practice or the group, hearing from satisfied patients, and highlighting procedures like Knee Replacement, Foot and Ankle, Spine, Shoulder, Hip, and Sports Medicine are among the most common videos we produce.

4. Regenerative Medicine (Click to see video samples)
The exciting newer field of Regenerative Medicine is a perfect specialty for healthcare videos as you explain the benefits of alternative therapies and hear from patients who’ve been successfully treated. PRP Therapy, Stem Cell Therapy, Cartilage Regeneration, Laser Therapy, and more are all best explained with a video.

5. Chiropractors (Click to see video samples)
Introducing the practice, hearing from satisfied patients, and highlighting procedures like Spinal Decompression, Laser Therapy, Nutritional Testing, and Balance Exercises are among the most common videos we produce.

6. Weight Loss Doctors (Click to see video samples)
Introducing the practice, hearing from satisfied patients, and highlighting procedures like Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass are among the most common videos we produce.

7. Fertility Doctors (Click to see video samples)
Introducing the practice, hearing from satisfied patients, and highlighting procedures like In Vitro Fertilization are among the most common videos we produce.

8. Hair Replacement Doctors (Click to see video samples)
Introducing the practice, hearing from satisfied patients, and highlighting procedures like Hair Grafting and Regenerative Therapies like PRP are among the most common videos we produce.

9. Urologists and ED Doctors (Click to see video sample)
Introducing the practice, hearing from satisfied patients, and highlighting procedures Penile implants, Peyronies Disease Treatment, and nonsurgical options are among the most common videos we produce.

10. Group Practices (Click to see video sample)
Introducing the Physician group, typically an Orthopedic Group or a Dental Group. Hearing from satisfied patients, and highlighting key procedures are among the most common videos we produce.

We’ve also done videos for OBGYNs, ENTs, Psychologists, Rheumatologists, and even Veterinarians. We can help every medical specialty attract new patients and set themselves apart from the rest.

Simple and Easy Process for Getting Your Healthcare Video Production Made

Healthcare video marketing

When you decide to have videos made, you want to work with professionals who understand the unique needs of healthcare professionals. Green Gorilla Video works exclusively with healthcare professionals of all specialties nationwide.

There are three steps to having great new videos made.

1. Preplanning – We discuss what your needs are and come up with a plan for how many videos to produce and what each one will focus on. During this phase, we help you plan out the day of the video shoot so that the day runs smoothly. It is typical to set the date for the video shoot about a month away from the actual shoot date. This can vary depending upon your timeline and needs.

We will discuss whether you want to be interviewed for your on-camera content or use a TelePrompter and script. If you use the latter then we will work together to get the script ready for the TelePrompter. If you choose to be interviewed then you merely have to be ready to have us ask you questions so we can gather the needed soundbites for the videos.

2. Video Shoot Day – After carefully planning out the day in the first stage we are ready to go on the day of the shoot. We will arrive at your office about a half hour before we need to start recording in order to set up and scope out the locations we will use. Each patient testimonial will require 45-60 minutes and your on-camera portion will take about an hour, maybe longer if there is a lot of content we need to record.

The time it typically takes to shoot 6 videos is about 6 hours on average.

3. Post Production – This is the editing phase. We have you send Before and After photos, your logo, and any other supplemental visuals needed for the videos. For example, if you are doing an explainer video about a particular procedure you may have some diagrams to provide that will be helpful in the videos.

The editing typically takes about a month, although that can vary greatly depending on your timeline and needs.

When each video is completed we will send a preview link for you to watch and either ask for changes or approve it. Once all videos are approved you will be billed for the final amount due and upon payment, the videos will be sent via Dropbox or Google Drive.


What to Do With Your Healthcare Video Productions Once They’re Produced!

Once you have your new healthcare video productions, you’ll want to make the most of them. They should be used in as many ways as possible and shared in as many places as possible!

1. Homepage of your website and other pages
2. Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Pinterest, Linkedin, and whatever platforms allow videos.
3. Embedded into email marketing
4. Online Video Ads – Google, YouTube, and Facebook Video Ads to name a few.

1. Homepage of your website – Bring your healthcare practice website to life with amazing new videos. Place your  “Welcome to the Practice” video prominently and with a large window for maximum exposure. DO NOT hide all your videos on a “Video” page where nobody will see them. Let them be the first thing people see.

When placing Patient Success Stories, put them on the same page as your procedure description so that when they see information about a procedure, they’ll also see an instant testimonial about that procedure! Inform them and then move them with an emotional story of how you changed their life!

2. Social Media – There are so many places where your healthcare video production can be used to reach patients. They include but are not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Pinterest, and Linkedin.

Make sure to put a clickable link back to your website in the first line of the video description too!

You may want to consider adding subtitles as well since people scrolling their phones with the volume down can read what you’re talking about. It also helps with SEO when you add subtitles. If you don’t know how to add them Green Gorilla Video can help you with that!

3. Embedded into Emails – A great way to capture attention in your email marketing is with an interesting thumbnail from your healthcare video production embedded into the body of the message.

Make it clickable to take them to your website or video hosts such as YouTube or Vimeo.

4. Online Video Ads – Many platforms now sell video ad placement. You’ve seen them pop up when you’re watching your video and have to sit through a quick little ad. If you plan to do this type of advertising, then make sure your healthcare video production is SHORT and meets the specs of the platform. You’ll usually want a 15 or 30-second version. We can tailor any longer “Patient Success Story” or “Welcome to the Practice” video to a short version as well. Just ask.

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