This Orthopedic Surgeon understands video marketing very well. Dr. Thomas Kovack placed a video Green Gorilla Medical produced for him right on the homepage in the header so that potential patients would see it first.

When using video to promote your medical practice a Welcome Video should always go on the homepage of your website so that patients can easily see it. A Doctor Video will go a long way in introducing you to potential patients and giving them a feel for your personality and bedside manner. Not all doctors are the same and when people go shopping for a new doctor you want to stand out. What better way that too introduce yourself and your services with a well made doctor video!

At Green Gorilla Medical we love making videos that help our doctors get noticed and get the phone to ring. To learn more about how we can help you do the same give us a call or check out the FAQ section of our website. We would love to help you do the same! Call us at 866-477-5376 today!

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