Why Video Marketing is SO Important for Physicians and Dentists

Videos Production Services to help you get more patients.

How to Get More Patients with Doctor Video Production

The bottom line reason for doing Doctor Video Production is MORE PATIENTS IN YOUR OFFICE! End of story! 

When it comes to your medical marketing, DOCTOR VIDEOS MUST be a key part of your marketing campaign. Video is truly the medium of choice for today’s audiences. They want more to watch and less to read. It’s a fact!

Doctor videos can accomplish what nothing else can. A well-made video will communicate not only information but more importantly, emotion!

When people are “Doctor Shopping” they’ll ALWAYS make their decision based on emotional reasons and then justify that decision with reason and logic. So you have to give them both or otherwise, you’ll lose them.

Doctor video production reaches people emotionally because they can see you speak, hear your voice and observe your body language. The combination of verbal and nonverbal communication is paramount. They can judge you based on both WHAT you say, and HOW you say it, with the latter being what matters most.

In just a few moments they’ll decide whether they like what they see or to keep doctor shopping.

You just can’t get that with a wordy bio page that lists a bunch of boring credentials.

Only a great video makes your medical practice COME ALIVE and makes them like you!

Different Types of Videos for Different Reasons

There are SIX KEY VIDEOS that you as the doctor will want and need when doing video marketing. These videos each have a specific purpose and will help the doctor accomplish targeted goals. Each can also be used in Social Media campaigns, email campaigns, and on the doctor’s website.

FIRST is the Welcome to the Practice video, which introduces your practice as a whole to potential patients. In this video, the viewer meets you the doctor and key staff, and a few patient testimonials.

They get a look at your facility and learn about what to expect when they come. Patients love this one because it helps them feel more at ease, reduces uncertainty, and makes them feel more comfortable before they even set foot in your office!

The SECOND VIDEO is the Meet the Doctorvideo, which gives the viewer a sense of your personality and bedside manner. Most people will assume you are competent, however, when picking a doctor they want to choose someone they like and trust. For doctors who are likable and trustworthy a great video will go a LONG WAY in breaking the ice and helping them choose you over the competition.

The THIRD VIDEO you’ll want to take full advantage of is the Patient Testimonial video. This video allows prospective patients a chance to see what past and current patients think about you the doctor and how you’ve impacted their life. These videos can be the most relatable and impactful if done right!

The FOURTH VIDEO is the Procedure Focus video. It is a “show-n-tell” video in that you can more fully cover key information about a particular procedure. You can describe the procedure in detail, show diagrams, “Before and After” pictures, and even show the procedure being performed! This is a favorite for patients who want to know what to expect about the procedure they are considering.

The FIFTH VIDEO is the FAQ video, which is a variation of the “Procedure Focus” video in that it can deal with common questions patients have about a procedure but can also cover general medical education questions. These educational videos are often the most-watched videos you can produce since people are always searching for information about their medical issues and problems.

The sixth and final type of video is the SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT video. These videos are intended for doctors who like to keep in contact with their current patients via email and Social Media such as Facebook. In these videos, you can inform current patients about special offers, and new additions to staff and can even send holiday greetings. Only the most media-savy doctors will use this type of video but it can be well worth it!

What Types of Doctors are Doing VIDEO MARKETING?

Virtually all types of doctors and medical groups are using video these days to reach potential patients. With perhaps the exception of general practitioners who get a steady flow of patients from established networks, doctors that engage in marketing to attract new patients will always benefit from doing video marketing.

Doctors that perform any type of non-emergency procedure can use video to set themselves apart. A partial list includes:


How Can I Get the Most Out of My Videos?

The doctors who do video marketing are ahead of the rest when it comes to reaching new patients, however, most doctors don’t take full advantage of their videos to get them to the widest audience. Doctors, at the very least, will put them on their website somewhere and then leave it at that. But that’s not nearly enough! Here are some easy things doctors can do to get the most out of their videos.

  • Proper Website Placement – Place your videos in the most logical places, NOT on some isolated VIDEO PAGE where they won’t be seen. Put your “Welcome to the Practice” video on your homepage and make the video player window LARGE. Some doctors will merely put a text link on the page or make the video player too small to garner attention. In all actuality, the web designer is usually the guilty party when it comes to not putting your videos in the right places because oftentimes the videos are produced after the website is complete and the designer doesn’t want to mess up their “pretty design” with a video. So they take the easy way out. Don’t let this happen to you. Here is an excellent example of Video Placement. CLICK HERE
  • Social Media – Don’t forget to release your videos at intervals on your Facebook page and on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other places that allow video. For example, did you know you can add all of your videos on Pinterest? Yes! Pinterest is an excellent place to showcase your videos that most people wouldn’t think of.
  • Video Hosting Sites – Of course, you will want to place your videos on YouTube and Vimeo with proper titling, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails to get maximum exposure in Google searches. Videos from these sites can be embedded all over the web and passed easily to new audiences.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, these tips have been helpful in your quest to use video marketing in your overall marketing strategy. Many doctors still consider having videos as a luxury they can easily put off for another day. Meanwhile, their competition is getting more attention and more patients by using smarter “stand-out” techniques. Even if a doctor is using video it is clear that there is a great opportunity to increase their audience using the techniques mentioned. Don’t put it off any longer. Give your prospective patients what they want – videos!

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