We Produce Impactful Regenerative Medicine Marketing and Education Videos.

Regenerative Medicine Video Production for Getting New Patients

At Green Gorilla Video we produce marketing and educational videos for REGENERATIVE MEDICINE PHYSICIANS nationwide!

Video Marketing for Regenerative Medicine doctors is a powerfully visual way to SHOW what you do and DEMONSTRATE what sets you apart! Check out some of the videos below that highlight what we’ve done for other doctors in the field.

Our clients specialize in helping patients with PRP Injections, Stem Cell Therapy, Prolotherapy, Amniotic-membrane Stem Cells, and Tissue Engineering.

Regenerative Medicine Video Production

Video production holds significant importance for regenerative medicine doctors as it provides a compelling platform to showcase their innovative treatments and procedures.

Regenerative medicine is a rapidly evolving field focused on harnessing the body’s natural healing mechanisms to repair and regenerate damaged tissues and organs.

Video content allows regenerative medicine doctors to visually demonstrate the science behind their treatments, including stem cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, and other cutting-edge regenerative techniques.

By showcasing patient testimonials, before-and-after results, and educational content, video production helps demystify regenerative medicine and builds trust among patients seeking alternative and regenerative solutions for their health concerns.

Furthermore, video marketing enables regenerative medicine doctors to reach a broader audience, establish thought leadership in their field, and differentiate themselves in a competitive healthcare landscape.

Regenerative Medicine Healthcare Videos let you INTRODUCE YOURSELF to new patients and  EXCITE YOUR AUDIENCE about what you can do to make their lives better!  We are experts at producing engaging, high-quality Regenerative Medicine Videos that get your phones ringing!

We’d love the chance to help you TELL YOUR STORY to NEW PATIENTS!

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Our Easy 1-2-3 Process

1 - Before the Video Shoot

We thoroughly discuss the scope of your video project and determine the perfect shoot date.

Our expertise extends to assisting you in planning and scheduling the day, ensuring that your video shoot proceeds smoothly and successfully.

We provide a pre-shoot list to help you prepare.

2 - The Video Shoot

We capture the essence of your story through engaging interviews and authentic testimonials. We excel at capturing dynamic action shots that truly showcase your brand.

While we don’t rely on scripts, we are more than happy to provide a TelePrompter for those who prefer it. We’ll help you deliver exceptional soundbites that leave a lasting impact. Trust us to create compelling videos that bring your practice to life.

3 - After the Video Shoot

We edit and enhance your videos by adding graphics, music, and images. With our expert touch, we create videos that help you expand your reach to more patients.

We’ll send you links to your videos for review so you can let us know if any changes are needed.

Types of Regenerative Medicine Videos


Welcome to the Practice videos are perfect for showcasing what you offer and the new patient experience.
Meet the Orthopedic Surgeon videos introduce you to new patients, giving you the chance to talk about your background, your passion for helping patients, and what sets you apart in your field.
Patient Success Stories are great for generating excitement about the types of results your patients experience.
Orthopedic Procedure Focus videos allow the Orthopedic Surgeon to educate potential patients in greater detail about the procedures they offer. Patients love to learn more about procedures they are considering. These are great for your website and to market on Social Media.
Office Tours allow doctors to give new patients a peek at the office before they arrive. This is a great way to show off technology and extras such as free coffee, TVs, a play area for kids, massage chairs, etc.
Patient Education videos are great for showing patients while they are at your office. Examples include “Home Instructions for Recovery” or “Preparing for the Day of Surgery”.
Social Media Campaigns are a series of shorter videos that build on each other to put forth a strong singular message to new patients on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.
Lobby/Waiting Room videos play on a loop in your waiting room and can be used to educate or market other services to your patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to shoot my videos?

The actual shoot time ranges from 3-5 hours in most cases. It depends on how many people we are interviewing. For the Orthopedic Surgeon interview plan for 45-60 minutes. Each staff person and testimonial will take approximately 30 minutes each. We will also need the doctor to be nearby for action shots with each testimonial and that can take 15 minutes per testimonial.

How long does it take to edit my videos?
The average time to edit your videos is 3-4 weeks, however, we can expedite that if needed.
What do I need to do to prepare for the shoot?
We will interview you, your staff and testimonials. We have a standard list of questions we can email you prior to the shoot. There is no need to write a script or memorize anything. It is best to have a tentative schedule made up prior to the shoot so that we use our time efficiently.
Do I have any input into the editing process?
Yes! We welcome requests before and after the shoot about content that should or should not be included. When we finish with the first draft we will send you links to your videos for review. Changes and corrections can be requested at that time. Our only request is that you request all changes at the same time.
Do I own the videos?
Yes! After paying the final invoice we will send you your videos via Google Drive or DropBox and you are welcome to use them however you want. There are NO additional fees. We do use all client videos for promotional purposes as well.
Will you upload my videos onto YouTube for me?
Yes. We will need login information from you if you already have your own channel. If you don’t already have your own channel we can create one for a nominal fee.
When do I have to pay for my videos?
A 40% deposit is required at the initiation of your contract. The remaining balance is due upon completion of your videos.

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