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Plastic Surgeon Video Production for Getting New Patients

At Green Gorilla we produce MEDICAL VIDEOS for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons who rely on the web for new patients.

PLASTIC SURGEON VIDEO MARKETING and VIDEO PRODUCTION is a powerful tool that conveys both information and emotion. Plastic Surgeon Video Production helps new patients in the doctor selection process to “meet you” before they ever meet you.

Our goal is to make them LOVE YOU!

We produce various videos for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons specializing in facial, breast, body, and non-surgical procedures.

With video content, plastic surgeons can provide an authentic and engaging glimpse into their practice, highlighting their surgical techniques, patient testimonials, and before-and-after transformations.

This visual storytelling not only educates viewers about various procedures but also humanizes the surgeon, allowing patients to connect on a personal level and feel more comfortable and confident in their decision-making process.

Additionally, Plastic Surgeon Video Production allows the surgeon to convey complex medical information in an accessible and compelling manner, empowering patients to make informed choices about their aesthetic goals.

Overall, plastic surgeon video production enables the doctor to enhance their online presence, attract a broader audience, and ultimately, foster meaningful relationships with patients based on transparency, authenticity, and expertise.

Plastic Surgeon Videos Production can be used to welcome people to your practice, introduce yourself and your services, give a tour of your office, and feature Patient Success Stories.

We do Plastic Surgeon Video Production for Plastic Surgeons around the nation and make getting your videos made easy and painless. Give us a call or message us today and get some FRESH NEW VIDEOS produced!

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Plastic Surgery Video Production is a powerful way to connect with potential patients. Most patients want to experience you and get a feel for who you are and what you offer before making that call. When a patient is researching who to call you want to be the doctor they immediately connect with the most. Plastic Surgery is very personal and a person seeks someone they will feel at ease with. We know how to make videos that CONNECT YOU with patients and get your phone ringing! SEE LIST OF FORMER CLIENTS

Types of Plastic Surgery Video Productions

We do various types of Video Marketing for Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Surgeons. Our most popular Plastic Surgeon video is the “Welcome to Our Practice” video, which combines a warm welcome from you with highlights of the office experience. Other types of Plastic Surgeon Video Marketing include “Meet the Doctor” videos, “Medical Procedure” videos, “Office Tour” videos, “FAQ” videos, “Special Offer” videos and perhaps the most powerful videos of all – “Testimonial” videos!

Places to Show Your Plastic Surgery Video Productions

As a Cosmetic Surgery Professional, there are many places to show off your videos. Of course, there’s your website and blog, but don’t stop there!

You can use them in Social Media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, TikTok and Instagram. Additionally, you should embed them in online newsletters and email blasts to patients.

Our Easy 1-2-3 Process

1- Before the Video Shoot

We discuss the scope of your video project and set a shoot date. We help you plan and schedule the day to ensure the video shoot goes great!

We provide tips on what to wear, how long to allow for each person, what types of topics would be best to cover, and more.

The better we plan the smoother the shoot goes, making the experience one everyone will enjoy.

2 - The Video Shoot

We interview you or use a script with a teleprompter. We get a lot of great action shots and re-enactments. 

We coach you to give great soundbites and if you need script-writing assistance we can help.

We also interview your testimonials and make them comfortable as we ask them about how you helped them and why they would recommend you.

3 - After the Video Shoot

We edit your videos and add graphics, music, and images to create eye-catching doctor video marketing that helps you reach more patients! If you need tips on uploading and labeling your videos we can help there too.

All videos will be sent to you via Dropbox or Google drive to upload onto your own channels. You can even purchase the raw footage if you think you might want it for future changes or re-edited compilations down the road.

Types of Plastic Surgery Videos

  • Welcome to Our Office

    Our most requested video offers you a chance to introduce your Plastic Surgery practice to new patients. You and your staff can walk them through what to expect during their first visit. They get a feel for what sets your Cosmetic Surgery practice apart and also hear from a few testimonials. This overview video is perfect for highlighting your medical practice!

  • Meet the Doctor

    This video is a perfect way to introduce yourself to new patients. Focused on you, your background in Plastic Surgery, and what makes you unique, it gives new patients a glimpse into your personality and passion for how you can help them look and feel better.

  • Testimonial

    There is power in an authentic patient testimonial from a real person about their real experience in your care. We interview your patients and have them talk about what they liked about having you as their Plastic Surgeon and how you’ve changed their life for the better. People love to watch a great testimonial!

  • Procedure Focus

    Explaining a medical procedure is usually best done with visuals. With this video, you can describe a cosmetic procedure in more detail and address patient questions and concerns about all aspects of the procedure.

  • FAQ

    Great for Plastic Surgeons who want to help new patients feel more comfortable in their care. Answer questions that most new patients ask about your practice or address general questions about how to take care of themselves at home after a procedure.

  • Special Announcements

    Do you want to get the word about something new you are offering? This video is great for generating buzz and interest in a new piece of equipment you use, a new associate in your practice, or a special seasonal discount.


How long does it take to shoot my videos?
The actual shoot time ranges from 2-4 hours in most cases. It depends on how many people we are interviewing. For the doctor interview plan for 30-45 minutes. Each staff person and testimonial will take about 15-30 minutes each. We will also need the doctor for action shots with each testimonials and that can take 5-10 minutes per testimonial.
How long does it take to edit my videos?
The average time to edit your videos is three weeks, however, we can expedite that if needed.
How can I prepare for the video shoot?
We will interview you, your staff and testimonials. We have a standard list of questions we can email you prior to the shoot. There is no need to write a script or memorize anything. It is best to have a tentative schedule made up prior to the shoot so that we use our time efficiently.
Do I have any input into the editing process?
We will interview you, your staff and testimonials. We have a standard list of questions we can email you prior to the shoot. There is no need to write a script or memorize anything. It is best to have a tentative schedule made up prior to the shoot so that we use our time efficiently.
Will I own the videos?
Yes. We will send you copies of your videos via DropBox and you are welcome to use them however you want. There are NO recurring fees. We do use all client videos for promotional purposes as well.
Will you upload my videos to YouTube for me?
Yes. We will need login information from you if you have your own channel already. If you don’t have your own channel we can set one up for a nominal fee.
When do I pay for my videos?
A 40% deposit is required at the initiation of your contract with us and to reserve your shoot date. The remaining balance is due upon completion of your videos and approval by you.
What types of payment do you accept?
Most of our clients pay us via PayPal. That is our preferred method, however, we also accept checks.

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