Starting a new Plastic Surgery practice is a big deal. Dr. Amaka is doing just that and is launching her new website to get the word out. Part of her strategy is to have videos on her website and on RealSelf, a marketing service for doctors. Recently Green Gorilla produced new videos for Dr. Amaka highlighting her practice as well as the specific services she provides.

The Welcome Video featured personal stories about how she got interested in Plastic Surgery. She also talked about why she loves what she does and what a typical visit is like. See the video below.

Dr. Amaka provides plastic surgery services for mothers who want to get their bodies back to pre-pregnancy shape. The combination of procedures, often called Mommy Makeovers, are described in the video Green Gorilla produced for Dr. Amaka. Potential patients love meeting the doctor in this way as she educates them about what is possible. Dr. Amaka prefers to call Mommy Makeovers by a different name that is, in her opinion, more descriptive – Mommy Restoration Surgery.

Breast procedures are a huge part of what Dr. Amaka offers her patients. These procedures include breast augmentation, breast lift and a combination of both. While breast augmentation increases volume breast lift changes position. See her new video below.

If you are a new plastic surgeon and want new videos like Dr. Amaka, please contact us today to find out how easy it is to get new videos made. We work with doctors nationwide of all specialties and have the experience and expertise you need to get great new videos!

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