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Why videos are important for your Dental Website

Getting new videos made for your dental website is a breeze with Green Gorilla Video! Whether you are getting a new dental website, updating the website, or just want new videos to add some valuable content, look no further.

We are your full-service dental video production company

You may want videos showing off your new office or some testimonials highlighting your technology and your many satisfied patients. No matter the video, it’s something we can help you with. It’s literally all we do! 

While other dental marketing companies offer 1000 different services and may include video production, these “Jack-of-all Trades-Master of None” don’t specialize in dental video production as we do.

The results can be hit or miss when you hire a video producer who doesn’t fully understand what you provide!

At Green Gorilla Video, we understand the wants and needs of your potential new patients. And we produce videos that introduce you and your office as a place where they’ll find help with their issues. They may be new in the area and need a new provider. Or they haven’t been to a dentist in years and now need a major SMILE MAKEOVER. Regardless, you want to be the one they call and that’s our goal too!

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Our 3 Goals When We Produce New Videos for Your Website

We have three main goals when we produce new videos for your dental website.


1. Like you and see you as approachable

2. Trust in your competence and ability

3. See your office as a safe place to get their dental issues addressed

See a few samples of our video work with DENTISTS

Easy 1-2-3 Video Production Process

1- Before the Video Shoot

We discuss the scope of your video project and set a shoot date. We help you plan and schedule the day to ensure the video shoot goes great!

We provide tips on what to wear, how long to allow for each person, what types of topics would be best to cover, and more.

The better we plan the smoother the shoot goes, making the experience one everyone will enjoy.

2 - The Video Shoot

We interview you or use a script with a teleprompter. We get a lot of great action shots and re-enactments.

We coach you to give great soundbites and if you need script-writing assistance we can help.

We also interview your testimonials and make them comfortable as we ask them about how you helped them and why they would recommend you.

3 - After the Video Shoot

We edit your videos and add graphics, music, and images to create eye-catching doctor video marketing that helps you reach more patients! If you need tips on uploading and labeling your videos we can help there too.

All videos will be sent to you via Dropbox or Google drive to upload onto your own channels. You can even purchase the raw footage if you think you might want it for future changes or re-edited compilations down the road.

GOAL #1 – Getting Patients to LIKE YOU!

The primary for us when we produce new videos for your dental website is to get the viewer to LIKE YOU! We are all drawn to or repelled by individuals based on “gut feelings” and a sense of “liking. When we first meet someone we quickly size them up, mostly in a subconscious manner.

Your video is a potential new patient’s chance to “meet you!

It’s extremely important to make a good impression since you may not get another chance. In this day and age, we all have so many choices when it comes to picking a dentist. Yes, people like convenience but will drive farther for a dentist they really like. We want you to be that dentist!

How do we get patients to like you?

First, we make sure you don’t forget to smile! People love a good smile and are drawn to those who look happy and at ease. Often times when dentists are talking on camera they forget to smile and we help you to remember. When we interview you we’re smiling at you and we mirror the calm, peaceful demeanor we know will put patients at ease. We don’t rush you and we’re patient with you as you speak. If you mess up something, no worries, it’s a video and you can always say it again.

Second, we help you to avoid medical jargon and use language that means something to your audience. We also ask you questions about how you feel when you help a patient get out of pain or get a new smile. What you love about dentistry is another topic we explore since patients enjoy knowing their dentist loves what they do. It gives them confidence you will do your best when helping them with their dental issue!

GOAL #2 – Getting Patients to TRUST in Your ABILITIES!

It’s great if a potential new patient likes you, but we also want them to know how skilled you are. This can be accomplished in a few ways and we make sure to include them in videos we produce for dentists.

Answering Patient Questions

Your dental videos can answer frequently asked questions about common procedures. When you explain in laymen’s terms something can be complicated to the average person, the viewer will automatically be impressed with you and attribute competence and skill to you because you have a firm grasp on the dental procedure they need. They tend to see you as the EXPERT and want you to be the dentist who fixes their problem.

Patient Success Stories

Nothing screams credibility and competence like a video of a regular person like themselves, who struggled with a problem as they do, and who was greatly helped by you and your team! In this video, we explore:

– Why the patient chose you to begin with
– What the experience was like having you as their dentist
– How good you were at answering their questions and concerns
– How you made life better for them

We suggest that you choose a variety of patients, highlighting key procedures that you want to do more of, from a variety of demographics, Viewers many times will seek out testimonials from folks like themselves so we help you make sure they find some!

GOAL #3 – Getting Patients to SEE Your Practice as a SAFE and ENJOYABLE Place to Get Help!

This goal is accomplished by hearing from you and your staff how welcome they are. We also make sure to show scenes of patients being WARMLY WELCOMED and treated with respect and kindness, both as they enter the office and in the dental chair!

When patients feel like they will be welcomed and treated well they’ll be more likely to give your office a try. Some dental offices go the extra mile to provide TV shows to distract patients during dental procedures, headphones with music, blankets, and even scented oils and special lighting in some offices. If your office provides any special extras in this regard we definitely make sure to feature them!

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