We offer Video Marketing and Video Production for Dentists and Orthodontists who use videos to market their practices. Video ads help introduce you and your practice to the community and set you apart. Personality marketing in the dental field works best when you can show your personality via videos.

We help you in all aspects of video production and video marketing. We are producers, not just camera guys. And since we work exclusively with doctors we know how to get your message across to your audience better than a company that does weddings or corporate video. We understand what you do and what your potential patients are most interested to find out about you!

The key to great Dental Video Production is in both the questions we ask during the video interviews and the editing. We ask probing questions to get the best soundbites possible with the goal of making patients love you and your office before they even come. What is left out of your video is just as important as what is included and we produce short appealing videos that shows you and your practice in the best possible light!

In the video below see examples of the various types of DENTIST VIDEOS we produce for Orthodontists  including “Welcome to Our Practice”, “Meet the Doctor” and “Patient Success Stories.


We love producing fresh new videos for dentists. It’s our PASSION! If you’d like to know more about how you can get videos produced for your dental practice call or email today! We can be reached at 888-477-5376.


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