When it comes to making new videos for a dentist we offer packages that include various types of videos for client’s website and Social Media Marketing. A dentist in Miami is opening a new office and wanted new videos for their brand new website. The first video we created for this dentist was a “WELCOME TO THE PRACTICE” video with soundbytes from the dentist about the patient experience and services offered. We featured re-enactments with actual patients. We also added Before & After photos of cosmetic procedures and shots of the advanced technology used in the office.


The second video we produced for the dentist’s practice was a “MEET THE DOCTORS” video. This type of video introduced the four dentists who provide services at the practices multiple locations. The goal of the video was to provide short snippets from each doctor. We highlighted something about their backgrounds, philosophy of patient care and reasons they became a dental care provider.


Patient testimonials are always a hit and great for attracting new patients. When looking for a new dentist people are keenly interested in what others think of the doctor they are considering. We live in a “review-driven” marketplace and on-camera testimonials add energy and excitement about the practice.

We interview each patient about their experiences with the doctor. The videos highlight how their lives were made better as a result the the services the doctor provided and end with a recommendation of the doctor.


If you are in need of videos for your dental practice we produce videos for dentists of all types nationwide. Whether it is a practice introductory video, a patient testimonial or an educational video answering frequently asked questions we can deliver!

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