We work with Hair Replacement doctors throughout the country to help them not only market their practices, but also educate potential patients about the various ways their hair can be restored. In the above video Dr. Varona in Newport Beach explains the FUT procedure, complete with custom animations. 

By explaining and demonstrating the hair restoration procedure patients can go into the office with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision. This saves time for the doctor during a visit and also establishes him as the expert in this area of medicine. Explainer videos are a great way for doctors to get the word out about how they can solve a common  problem plaguing men and women. 

At Green Gorilla Video we know how to get the content you need for a great video. We either interview you or assist in writing a script that can be used with our teleprompter. Doctors have the choice as to what way they will convey the information for the their videos. We also interview patient testimonials and then get action shots with the doctor and patients. 

Finished videos can be various lengths to be used on their websites as well as Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Some doctors also post videos in locations like Pinterest for additional views.

The video below is another explainer video from Dr. Varona, talking about the FUE procedure.

If we can help you with videos for your hair restoration practice let us know. We would love the chance to help you gain new patients with video marketing and education videos.

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