Are you an Orthopedic Surgeon looking to market your services directly to the public? Do you want to help more people feel better and get their lives back? As a Shoulder Specialist you have the ability to restore function and movement and relieve debilitating pain for your patients. And people need to know that!

Using videos to SHOW Your Patients what you can do is smart because people love to see other people with the same condition get relief. It gives them hope.

At Green Gorilla we specialize in creating Impactful VIDEO MARKETING for Orthopedic Surgeons of all specialties. Whether someone needs Total Shoulder Resurfacing, Total Shoulder Replacement or Reverse Shoulder Replacement we can help you explain the procedure and show them how you can help. And then we can feature emotional testimonials from patients with the same condition who no longer experience that kind of pain. Thanks to you!

See an example below of a patient who received a Total Shoulder Replacement from an Orthopedic Surgeon in Indianapolis:

See an example below of another patient in Columbus, Ohio who found relief with a Total Shoulder Resurfacing procedure.


See another example of a patient who experienced freedom of movement with a Reverse Shoulder Replacement

Patients love to do research about a potential procedure and find the best doctor in their area to do it. If they come across videos of you explaining the procedure in layman’s terms and putting their minds at ease as you educate them about the risks, benefits, recovery time and possible outcomes then you become the expert in their minds and are the one they call.

In the following video the Orthopedic Surgeon uses video to educate patients about everything associated with the REVERSE SHOULDER REPLACEMENT procedure.

If you are interested in getting professional videos made for your Orthopedic Practice or Orthopedic Group please contact us through the contact form below. We would LOVE the opportunity to help you with your Video Marketing and spread the word about what you offer!

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