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Our Easy 1-2-3 Process

1 - Before the Video Shoot

We discuss the scope of your video project and set a shoot date. We help you plan and schedule the day to ensure the video shoot goes great! Plan for a 4-6 shoot unless you have more than 5 testimonials. When you sign up we will give you an estimate of how much time it will take. It is best to not have regular patients coming in that day to avoid background noise.

2 - The Video Shoot

We interview you and your testimonials. We get a lot of great actions shots. OR we can use the TelePrompter and help you with creating scripts – YOUR CHOICE!

3 - After the Video Shoot

We edit your videos and add graphics, music and images to create eye-catching doctor video marketing that help you reach more patients!

Types of Videos You May Want

“Welcome to the Practice” Videos – Overview of the patient experience, services offered, tour of office and learn what to expect on patient’s first visit. Great for home page of your website and Facebook page.

“Patient Success Story” Videos – Testimonials from patients about what their issue was before, why they came to you for help, what the process was like, and how you improved their life. Powerful way to connect with potential patients experiencing a similar issue.

“Procedure Education” Videos – The doctor answers frequently asked questions about a procedure and educates the patient about the benefits. Great for establishing the doctor as the expert in this procedure.

“Meet the Doctor” Video – An introduction to the doctor and why they became a doctor. Addresses what the doctor specializes in and why they love what they do. May or may not contain personal details about the doctors family, favorite activities and background. Great for helping new patients connect with the doctor prior to coming for the first visit.

“Facebook Marketing” Videos – Generally shorter versions of one of the above videos. Our videos normally run 90-120 seconds, however, a Facebook or Instagram version may be only 15 or 30 seconds.